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Time stops and your breath will be taken away at the contrast of the turquoise waters and white sand as it embraces the tired keel of the world renown Ship wreck. This never to be forgotten tour is presented to you by Kriton Travel Premium to awaken your senses through sight and smell in full Greek colour.



Especially designed by Kriton Travel Premium a unique tour of Agalas Village for you to enjoy the enchanting sunset. As the sun goes down across the Ionian Sea the sky is painted in colors of fiery red to golden yellows and mystic purple blending uniquely with the earth, sky and sea. The finest finishing touch to this enchanting image is a delightful supper with flavours and scents of Zakynthos.



Kriton Travel Premium invites you to enjoy a magical tour of Marathonisi island. No matter how many places you have visited so far, the island located in the gulf of Laganas will definitely capture your senses making it a lifetime memory. It is called the home of Caretta Caretta not only because of its turtle formation but also because it is its shelter. An island of pure and virgin with marvelous white sand, waters on all shades of blue and natural caves that fascinate each visitor


Wine tour

Wine tasting is a journey full of flavours and aromas that captivates not only wine tasters but also simple consumers. Zakynthos which is internationally known as "The flower of the East" is an island full of greenery with unique varieties of wine, oil and raisins. Kriton Travel Premium leads you to the finest wineries and a traditional olive press providing you with the opportunity to enjoy the harmony of wine and food with local products.