To Ladofanaro Fish Restaurant & Beach Bar


To Ladofanaro on the Beach

Our address in the summer. With a traditional cuisine and food supplies from the own garden.

We are open every day until late in the evening.

During the winter time, the traditionl retaurant in Galaro is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 18:00. On Sundays we provide a full-day service.

Enjoy our Zakynthian cuisine

Like in the historical restaurant in Galaro is guaranteed because of our well-rehearsed kitchen team the same quality food preparation..

What is growing on our farmlands you will also find on your menu, as well as excellent dishes of rabbit, chicken, guinea fowl, goat, lamb and pork.

And, of course, olives, delicious oil directly from the press together with a tasty and amicable red country wine.
Naturally, we also serve dishes of beef. We take honest pride in our quality beef, which we are obliged to purchase only from fattening ranches on the island. The feed for the cattle come from abroad, because of the limited space to grow crops on the island. For this simple reason, we are not allowed to designate our beef as a local product.
However, most of the vegetables are produced locally, but fruits are imported, except for lemons, oranges, grapes and figs.

As our guest, you merely have to bring along a pleasant anticipation that an entertaining evening in cozy and elegant surroundings, together with a healthy appetite for food prepared in an authentic way following traditional recipes and served with loving care is about to dawn on you.

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